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Here are some special words for you lovers:

1. People say that a picture shows a lot of words, but I see nothing but three words: "I Love You"

 2. I miss you if you are not close to me, when I am not with you When I think of you, I just want to live my life. If I live my life, my dream will come true.

3. I look at your perfection, and I say I love you, and when I see your perfection, I love you more and more!

4. My tinnitus can go anywhere, but I wonder how it always goes to your tinnitus.

5. I have fallen in love many times because of you!

6. Life There is no such thing as a broken pen that is useless.

7. You deserve to own this world, I can't blackmail it, but I can blackmail my world.

8. Before I Met You, I Never Know How Happy You Are!

9. Sometimes when I smile when I am not there, I smile, and people think I am crazy!

10. My heart begins to travel around the world, as soon as it touches your beautiful eyes.


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11. Listening to your soft voice, it stirs the tension in my heart, and I feel calm in my heart.

12. I feel very relaxed when I am around.

13. I love you, not the way you are, but the way I am when I'm with you!

14. I can try life without you, but I know in the way I will die.

15. Hundreds of Hearts are too few to take my love for you.

16. I say new love every time I look at you!

17. You always answer when someone asks who I am calling.

18. I can climb a mountain the size of it, just a little bit I meet, I can walk a thousand Kilometers a little I sit there, it is a pleasure for my soul. I love you so.

19. You are the queen in my heart; One second does not pass without thinking of you, I am always hoping for you.

20. How can one woman own all the things a woman needs for beauty? Kece Mafarkina. Your beautiful heart and your sweet smile are the most beautiful parts of your body.

21. When I say I love you, I do not say it because I'm just enjoy the word, until I remind you that you are the most precious thing that has ever happened to me.

22. You are my Secret Book, I am happy to have you as my life partner, My greatest achievement is to have found my wife. I love you so. My Queen.

23. What you did to my heart, how did you get into it so deeply? You have kept me safe, I am happy with your love.

24. I thank God that others have abandoned me, and you have picked me up and are showing me love.

25. You are the only one in my life who is important in my heart.

26. I ask God to give me a good wife, and He will give me one who will be my true confidant, who will excel in love, who will be rewarded with care, and who will not be able to live without her, Thank you for being mine.

27. I want to take my love to another level, my love, that is, the level of success, if I can not enjoy my world without you, will you marry me?



28. People say, Love is told once, but it is not true. Every time I look at you, I tell you new love.

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