Before you fall in love , it is important that you have a reason to fall in love. You need to ask yourself some important questions like, what is your purpose in joining Love? Will this Love lead to marriage? If you can answer these questions, then you can choose the best way to achieve the goal of building a strong Love.


Some people fall in love just to have fun or have sex with each other, but others see the end of it as it is. They want their love to lead them to marriage. They are learning and seeking expertise on how their marriage should be. This kind of love is called true love. Because they are in love, the son of God, and the son of the Bridegroom. They have goals like Getting Together, building their love together, finally getting married together, bringing families together, and living happily together forever.

If these are the goals you want to achieve in love, here are some steps you can take to achieve them.

1. Keep tackling any Problems that will affect your love as the love grows.

There are some problems that hurt love love, or bring love back. Some of them lead to separation, which in turn leads to the Buricis not being able to fulfill them.

There are some problems that you should not let come between you, such as Jealousy, Blame, Jealousy, Too Much Busy, Reni, Lack of Understanding, Lack of Speech, Depression or Depression, Dissatisfaction and Insecurity of Love.

These Problems Harm Love, and stop lovers from achieving their goals.

Lovers who are truly in love should have a Better Understanding. If they build on understanding, then they will know they are on the right path. And they can do their best to make it a success.

Tackling and eliminating the above problems should be the major target of lovers who want to walk down the isle together someday.


2. Learn how to take care of each other in love.

The way you take care of each other in your romance, will determine how much care you will give each other after you are married. It is very important that you create a Culture of Caring for each other for your loved ones.

Every little thing is useful in love. Whatever you cannot learn in love, you cannot learn in marriage. No matter what you learn in love, you will grow in your marriage. 

So, Learn how to take care of each other while dating.

Love in which lovers do not care for each other's needs does not lead to marriage. So if you want your romance to lead to marriage, you have to take care of each other.

3. Recognize the Importance of Excuses and Make Excuses in Love and Grow It Up.

Whatever you build on love, it will grow. All the love that leads to marriage, is surrounded by mutual respect and understanding. Learn to make excuses. You respect each other's opinions if you intend to get married.

4. Be Harmonious.
You and your partner must be in good company because your love has led to marriage. If you do not agree, then there is no agreement between the two of you. Indeed, there is no way for your love to lead you to marriage without understanding and harmony.

You need to understand each other's problems, and work together to solve them. That means you have to be Friends with each other.




5. Do Not Overcome Each Other.

Respect each other's privacy, religious, ideological, it matters if it's important. How much you love her, is how much love you get.

6. Don't let love become a source of frustration in your relationship.

Lovemaking is very important in love, but it is especially useful in marriage. therefore, do not put lovemaking first before everything in your relationship. If you love to make love, do it moderately. Avoid excessive lovemaking.

 Show more love to each other than you engage in lovemaking. This will give your relationship a meaning, and the purpose will be clearly defined.


I think these little things will help your relationship. 

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